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July 8th
12:05 PM EST
What time is it? (via Dueling Analogs)

What time is it? (via Dueling Analogs)

November 3rd
3:05 PM EST

Zelda Time

C’mon, grab your Master Sword

We’ll go off to very distant lands

With Navi the Fairy

and Link the Hylian

The fighting will never end

It’s Zelda Time

August 21st
11:31 PM EST

"I am no man’s bosom" said the woman’s left breast.

August 13th
8:52 PM EST

Simon/Marceline episode :3

July 31st
6:33 PM EST

BMO, you adorable little shit.

July 30th
8:37 PM EST

PB and Marceline team-ups are the best

July 29th
9:57 PM EST

Prince Gumball in the streets

Marshall Lee in the sheets

July 5th
6:26 PM EST

Can Pendleton Ward just go ahead and do a Fionna and Cake spinoff?

6:22 PM EST

This Marshall Lee/Fionna/Cake song is killing me.

6:21 PM EST

Marshall Lee is the best thing ever.