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Sometimes NSFW. Just putting that out there. 18+ only.
August 26th
7:56 PM EST

Figured I should make a post about following or something

Since I keep getting these buggers, I guess I should do like an FAQ or some such. Yeah. First off, I don’t follow anyone under 18 years of age. Sometimes I’ll stretch it to 17 if I like your blog, but that is rare and I won’t interact with you at all. It’s just my policy, nothing personal. Second, I don’t do automatic follow backs, so if that’s the only reason you’re following me, then please, go ahead and unfollow. When someone follows me, I’ll go to their blog and check it out at some point - it could be right away, it could be hours or days. Again, nothing personal. - and if I like what I see, then I’ll follow you, provided you’re 18 or over. Not going to lie though, if you’re name contains certain words, like “nerd”, “geek”, “Star Wars”, “Star Trek”, or if you’re Tumblr icon is something I recognize as nerdy, then I tend to check them out faster and before an icon of Nicki Minaj. Finally, there is one thing that will automatically disqualify you as a potential followee: a music player set to autoplay. I don’t care if you have the greatest blog in existence, if merely glancing at it gives orgasms and make ones rich, if you’re Streampad, Hypster, whatever, is set to autoplay, I will close the tab so quickly, people will call me the goddamn Flash.

So, just to sum it up:

  • I do not follow anyone under the age of 18.
  • I don’t do automatic follow backs.
  • I will check out your blog and if I like it, I will follow you.
  • I will check out your blog eventually. Maybe.
  • I will not follow anyone with a music player set on autoplay.

Yeah, I have no idea how to end a post like this, so…yeah.

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  3. fictionalized said: Close it with “But I will consider ignoring these rules if you pay a $50 re-evaluation fee. Cash only.”
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