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November 13th
10:53 PM EST


man, this has been in the trashy magazines for WEEKS. possibly months. And they actually made her look like Liz. Or maybe the retarded twin sister of her.

I don’t like the idea of a Elizabeth Taylor biopic being relegated to a TV movie. Wasn’t she considered one of the greatest actors around and a fashion icon? Why isn’t she getting a proper biopic and not a movie of the week on the “Men Hate Women and Your Husband/Boyfriend/That Guy You Went On A Couple of Dates With Will Rape, Beat, and Probably Murder you” Channel.

Lindsay Lohan is like an old leather bag that someone left in a stagnant pool of water.

  1. dawnndarling said: I agree with you completely. I’m not happy about the Liz and Dick tv movie, but you can never underestimate the lengths stupid people will go to fail.
  2. thornsofsky said: Because the movie isn’t about her, it’s about her relationship
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